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It Dreamlân is located in the north of Holland just below the Lauwersmeer National Park and Unseco World Heritage the Waddensea on the border of the provinces Groningen and Friesland.




The village of Kollum is located 5 kilometres away and has a lovely centre with nice shops. The Maartens church is known as one of the best preserved Gothic churches in Friesland. In and around Kollum there is plenty to do when it comes to water sports. The rivers De Rijd, the Trekvaart and the Zwemmer are excellent fishing waters. You can hire pedal boats, canoes and rowing boats.



15 kilometres from it Dreamlân you arrive at the historic town of Dokkum, known from the Elfstedentochten. The town is particularly well suited to pleasant strolls along the beautiful stretches, good shops and historic sights. Sit at an outdoor café in the summer and watch the numerous boats in the canals; in the winter, you can warm up in one of the cosy bistros. From Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen (1 km away) you can follow the long tow path on your bike, wending your way along the water before cycling into Dokkum.



The Lauwersmeer National Park is a beautiful nature reserve. Picture this: a vast landscape, big open water and a ‘beautiful horizon’. The region is very popular with bird watchers due to the many exceptional species that come here.

In the past the sea had free reign in this region. It was an open connection with the Wadden Sea. The dam was constructed in 1969 to counter the danger of flooding. The countryside developed subsequently from a salt marsh into a vast freshwater expanse with reed lands, trees and large expanses of water. A beautiful nature reserve where you can go walking, cycling, sailing and swimming. And since 2016 the Lauwersmeer National Park is officially declared as Dark Sky Park.


Walk Kollumeroord Lauwersmeer Friesland Netherlands


In the vicinity of it Dreamlân, there are several beautiful short and longer walks through the Lauwersmeer district. The best walks are Kollumeroord (see the map above) and Kollumerwaard (see the map below) just a few kilometers from us.


Walk Kollumerwaard Lauwersmeer Friesland Netherlands


In addition, you can go for a pleasant bike ride round the Lauwersmeer and you can, of course, also sail across it! (Sailing) boats are available to hire at Waddeninzicht in Oostmahorn or join the Vlinderbalg. After a pleasant fifteen-minute bike ride, along the Ezumakeeg, you arrive at a well-known bird watching hut where you can spot some very unusual birds.


Wadden Sea

The Waddensea is since June 2009 Unesco World Heritage and runs from (the North of) Holland via Germany until far in Denmark. The Frisian and Groningen mudflats are both easy to reach from it Dreamlân – either by bike or car.

A tip for mudflat lovers are the dyke villages of Paesens-Moddergat where the mudbank offers a great view of Schiermonnikoog, Ameland and the mudflats between them. The ‘t Fiskershúske museum in Moddergat shows you how fishermen used to live and the village is also home to the last shrimp-processing factory in the Netherlands. At Paesens it’s possible to take the pier and walk along a whole section of the mud. Check here the current water levels online because it’s at its most beautiful at low tide.


Schiermonnikoog en Ameland

The attractive small wadden island of Schiermonnikoog is great for a day out and the same goes for Ameland. Get off the boat with your bike or hire a bike directly upon arrival and cycle round the island. The ferry for Schiermonnikoog leaves from Lauwersoog and takes 45 minutes, but boats also leave from Oostmahorn. The ferry for Ameland leaves from Holwerd.


Groningen and Leeuwarden

For a day in town, you can get to Groningen and Leeuwarden in 35 minutes.  Both cities are more than worth the visit and have lots of museums, cultural venues, places of interest, restaurants and plenty of nightlife.



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Walking the mudflats
The Waddensea is UNESCO World Heritage and a great place to experience pure nature. The best way is by walking the mudflats. You can organise a trip at Paesens-Moddergat, from the dike between Nes and Wierum with Wadloopcentrum Fryslân or from the province of Groningen at Wadloopcentrum Pieterburen.


Cycling through Frisian and Groningen villages
There are many small, attractive villages in the vicinity, including Ee, Burum, Visvliet, Zoutkamp, Pieterzijl, Anjum and Ezumazijl. Go on a bike ride and it won’t be long before you pass through a couple of attractive villages.

The ‘rondje Lauwersmeer’ is highly recommended (see the map below). This is approximately 45 kilometres, mainly through the beautiful nature reserve, and runs on the one side from the lake through Groningen and on the other side through Friesland. You can cycle along Zoutkamp, Lauwersoog, Anjum, Oostmahorn and Ezumazijl.


Roundtrip Lauwersmeer Friesland Groningen Netherlands


Strolling through Kollumeroord and Kollumerwaard Nature Reserve
Near it Dreamlân are the attractive nature reserves of Kollumeroord and uploadsKollumerwaard, with at least 70 ha of woodland and great meadows. The Forestry Commission has laid out beautiful walking routes there. Many of the rare marsh and reed birds brood here. You will undoubtedly come across a bittern here. Bluethroat, the bearded reedling tit and the penduline tit are rare in the Netherlands, but there are still plenty of them for you to admire at the walks in Kollumeroord and Kollumerwaard.


Walking along historic footpaths through North-East Friesland
Through the historic footpaths through North-East Friesland you get a good impression of the rich culture history in beautiful original landscapes (see the map on the right). From the Nothern Frisian forests, as one of the national landscapes famous for their private nature of awls webbing and hedgerows, to the vast clay area that centuries ago by clerics on the sea was conquered. The once numerous monasteries are largely gone, but the many dikes and some ancient footpaths recall these brave pioniers in North-East Friesland.


Historic footpaths North-East Friesland Netherlands


The Frisian woods
Kollum is located in the border region of the open meadows and the Frisian woodland. The particularly scenic landscape with hedgerows and rows of alder trees is typical of the forested region. Right in the middle of all this lies the village of Harkema with the theme park De Spitkeet. The park shows you how people lived on the barren heathland in Groningen and Friesland between 1850 and 1950. Amongst others there is a reconstructed spitkeet (earth hut) and a poor person’s burial ground.


The monumental farming village of Veenklooster (10 km) is located at the beginning of the Frisian forests. The Fogelsanghstate Estate has a beautiful forest, a deer park, ponds and a hiking park. There is an agricultural museum within the estate. The countryhouse It Lytse Slot puts on temporary exhibitions and has a charming tearoom with a view of the woodland garden.


The Waddentour is a nice route through the rich historry of the 4 protected villages of North-East Friesland (Ee, Holwerd, Metslawier and Paesens/Moddergat, see the map below).

The routes through the villages are connected by a big route by bicycle, car of even footh. The total length is more than 60 kilometer, but the route can be also done in parts. In the South-East of the route are the old sea locks of Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen, this is the perfect starting point from our place.

On the website of Waddentour you can find all background information (sorry, just in Dutch) and you can view the route interactive or even download the App as digital map.


Waddentour through Ee, Holwerd, Metslawier, Paesens en Moddergat in North-East Friesland Netherlands


We have put all the tips for day trips with children in a list on the play in the clay page.


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