Phone number: 0511-40 88 86


You will find us below the Lauwerslake between the provincial capitals Leeuwarden and Groningen


Route by car

  • From the A7, take exit 31 (Frieschepalen/Buitenpost) and continue on the N358 towards Lauwersoog.
  • Go past Surhuisterveen, Buitenpost and Kollum.
  • A few kilometres after Kollum, turn right towards Kollumerpomp.
  • After 800 metres, turn right into Oosterboereweg, then after 300 metres turn right again into Groeneweg. it Dreamlân is right at the end of Groeneweg.


We have a charging station (2x11KW) for electric cars.charging station nature camping minicamping familycamping holiday home groupaccommodation Lauwersmeer Friesland Netherlands

Attention: most navigationsystems direct you to the wrong adres at the Oosterboereweg in stead of the Groeneweg!


How to get there by public transport

  • From Leeuwarden and Groningen, take the train to Buitenpost
  • Take bus 63 to Dokkum. Get off at the Pompsterhoek stop.
  • From here it is a short 10-minute walk: first walk along Soensterdijk, then after about 200 metres turn right onto the track. At the end of this track, you will find the driveway to it Dreamlân on the right.

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